10 things you need to know about Hugh Hefner (PLAYBOY)

It was announced on, Thursday, September 28, 2017, Hugh Hefner the founder of the well-acclaimed magazine, PLAYBOY has passed away.

Hugh Hefner posing during Playboy's 60th Anniversary special event in Los Angeles, California in 2014
Hugh Hefner posing during Playboy's 60th Anniversary special event in Los Angeles, California in 2014
The world has reacted to the death of the lifestyle icon. Celebrities around the world have paid homage to the man who was famous for his wild parties at the Playboy mansion and iconic sexual lifestyle magazine.
In honor of Hefner, we present ten things you didn't know about the Playboy founder.

1. Hugh Hefner served in the army:

Hugh Hefner served in the armed forces during World War 2. He, however, wasn't a combatant rather he worked as a clerk and writer for a military newspaper.

Hugh Hefner back in hid military daysGoogle

2. Hugh Hefner doesn't own the famous Playboy mansion

While he was alive, he lived in the playboy mansion but he was no longer the owner of the property. Playboy Enterprise actually owns the building and recently placed it for sale at $200M. Despite the sale, the company stated Hefner had to be allowed to live there.

The famous Playboy Mansion

3. Hugh Hefner burial plot next to Marilyn Monroe

Hefner was a huge fan of the late legendary actress, Marilyn Monroe. She was even the first cover girl of Playboy magazine. His love for her made him decide that he would love to spend the rest of his life beside her. Hugh Hefner bought the burial plot next to Munroe and will be buried there.
pMarilyn Monroe
Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe

4. Hugh Hefner kept the Hollywood sign alive

Hugh Hefner was also a philanthropist, which dates back starting from the late 70s. When the famous Hollywood sign in California came down due to termite infestation, Hugh Hefner raised the money needed to bring it back up again.
The Hollywood signplayThe Hollywood sign
The Hollywood sign

5. Hugh Hefner is survived by four children

He had four children from three failed marriages. Christie and David are the first children from his very first marriage, while sons, Martsons and Cooper are the products of his second marriage. Cooper is the Chief Creative Officer of Playboy Enterprises.
Hugh Hefner and sonsplayHugh Hefner and sons
Hugh Hefner and sons

6. Hugh Hefner was a movie enthusiast:

Hugh Hefner wasn't just a movie fan, he was more like a strong enthusiast. He had a huge collection of movies. It is claimed that he had over 4000 movies.
playHugh Hefner and his movie collections
Hugh Hefner and his movie collections

7. Hugh Hefner ate every meal in bed:

You have to believe this. Hugh Hefner ate all his meals in bed. Even when he had guest around, he wouldn't eat with them. Hey, if you are a millionaire you are allowed to do some odd things.

8. Hugh Hefner had a zoo at the mansion

Apart from sexy women, Hugh Hefner loved animals. The late Playboy icon had a zoo in his famous mansion. The zoo is so well put together and the animals are well taken care of.
playThe zoo at the Playboy mansion have a host of a variety of animals
The zoo at the Playboy mansion have a host of a variety of animals

9. Hugh Hefner was married three times

Hugh Hefner was the ultimate hedonist that's why a lot of people did not know he was married. As a matter of fact Hefner was married three times. Hefner got married for the first time in 1949 then got married again in 1989, before his most recent marriage in 2012.
playHugh Hefner and second wife Kimberly Conrad
Hugh Hefner and second wife Kimberly Conrad

10. Hugh Hefner loved scrapbooks

Another eccentric thing about Hugh Hefner was that he loved scrapbooks. He has a huge collection of scrapbook believed to be more than 18,000. The scrapbooks detail his entire eventful life.
play  Hugh Hefner was an avid scapebooker
Hugh Hefner was an avid scapebooker
Hugh Hefner began publishing Playboy magazine in his kitchen at home in 1953. Playboy became the largest-selling men's magazine in the world, shifting seven million copies a month at its peak.11 years ago, Hollywood action star passed away



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